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Protect The Brain Campaign     |      est. 2017

The Bridge created Protect the Brain Campaign to advance the field of brain health through education and awareness of EEG brain scans to complement concussion protocol standards and practices. Recognizing the importance of preventative health, basl brain scans can provide a personalized health history that leads to a better understanding of brain health necessary for healthy living. Objective data is paramount to our mission and protecting the brains is our goal.

Baseline Brain Scans


Often left in the dark regarding identifying brain trauma, signs of memory loss and cognitive decline, and mental disorders, common symptomatic assessments are incomplete indicators of brain function and can lead to a limited and potentially inaccurate diagnosis of brain state. Due to the subjective nature of the current symptomatic and performance protocols, EEG meta-analysis provides a unique picture of brain activity to help make more informed and accurate decisions in brain health management practice. EEG technology provides an objective measure of brain physiology needed to better understand brain health.

Youth sports have been a foundational building block in uniting the underserved communities and launching the successful future of many young men and women. High school students and athletes in these communities have a higher rate of anxiety, depression, and concussion. There is an onslaught by the media to discourage parents from allowing their children to participate in athletics. In many cases, athletics helps to keep students out of trouble and to stay on track to advance their education. Recent concern for the safety of our athletes in regards to concussions has focused us to provide as much objective brain data to better understand brain function

information to the doctors, athletic trainers, coaches, parents and the athletes themselves. 


Focused on establishing an objective baseline measurement of the brain using  EEG technology, a  “real-time” measurement of brain performance can be captured. When symptomatic and performance diagnostics clear, an objective measurement can be added to show if the brain function is restored to their baseline, for a more informed recovery timeline.


  • Baseline tests for student-athletes prior to the sports season

  • Sports performance measurements for brain function


PTB believes in the importance of brain health and wants to collaborate with professionals on building EEG protocol standards in order to provide the community with an opportunity to protect the brain and stay proactive in preventative health practices and wellness through recovery. Motivated to provide individuals with the opportunity for healthy aging, identifying signs of memory loss and diagnosing with limited symptomatic and performance measures and here is a growing body of research focusing on both improving mental function and preventing a pre-mature mental decline in aging. 


PTB provides the community with a platform and resources to fundraise and receive donated brain scans. Build a PTB campaign fundraising page complete with your personal story and pictures representing your reason to #ProtectTheBrain.   Once your campaign page is created, spread awareness and raise funds addressing important brain initiatives for your campaign. Once your fundraising minimum is met, you will coordinate with PTB and schedule your scan event with PTB. Protect the Brain Campaign will provide support in organizing and planning logistics and will provide EEG equipment and certified technicians to administer scans at your PTB Campaign scan event.


The vision of the Protect the Brain Campaign is that EEG brain scans will be recognized as a necessary measuring tool when managing personal brain health, which will lead to mandatory brain health assessments that include EEG scans as common practice in physicals, allowing physicians to better understand brain health and make decisions necessary for the preventative health and wellness of their patients. Through baseline and yearly brain scans, it allows one to detect any indicators changing from trauma or aging and intervene if a noticeable change is worry-some.  

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